Co-founder Message


Pine Hall was born out of a desire to encourage children to learn in a safe environment where they would be free to question, explore, experience and create. Some where in the race to get our children first off the academic block, our education system has forgotten all about the element of “fun” in learning. We aim to bring back that joy in learning into your child’s life.

Every child is unique, yet we often tend to overlook that. Not everyone was born to be an Einstein…. and that’s why we have a Saina Nehwal. In order to develop your child’s innate multiple intelligence, a structured curriculum and world class teaching methodology have been developed, to help your child dis cover his/her inherent talents to his/her maximum advantage.

I thank my very talented and dedicated team of teachers for their sweat and toil in assisting me in bringing this global learning programme to your child, and by extension, to you. We look forward to being a partner with you in our collective endeavour to develop your child as a unique individual, and a productive member of the school and society.

With Best Wishes

late Mrs. Romola Talibuddin – Co-founder